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HP working on 4:3 ratio 8 inch Tegra 4 tablet?


HP working on 4:3 ratio 8 inch Tegra 4 tablet?

The biggest difference between most Android tablets and the iPad isn’t the software, it’s the aspect ratio. Companies that make Android tablets think your primary use case for the device will be to consume video. Apple, on the other hand, thinks you’re going to spend most of your time reading. Neither approach is wrong, up to a certain point. I have no problem holding a 9.7 inch iPad, but a 10.0 inch 16:9 or 16:10 Android tablet just feels ridiculous to me.

Philosophical differences aside, it looks like HP wants to get in on the 4:3 game with a device called the “Slate 8 Pro”. According to Android Authority, it’ll have an 8 inch screen that pushes 1600 x 1200 pixels. It’s also going to have a Tegra 4 under the hood, so it should be plenty powerful.

When is it going to come out and how much is it going to cost? Two very good questions I can’t answer, sadly. But considering that the NVIDIA Shield has started trickling out, and there are rumors about the next Surface RT using the Tegra 4, I expect an announcement in September with an estimated shipment date in October.

Who else makes 4:3 ratio Android tablets? Only one comes to mind: Acer’s Iconia A1.


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