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HP Considering WebOS Tablets And Web-Connected Printers


HP Considering WebOS Tablets And Web-Connected Printers

emea_logo_hp-new_120.jpg As you probably recall HP bought Palm several weeks ago for various reasons, most of them having WebOS in the foreground. HP is one of the most popular printer manufacturer in the world and many of us laughed when HP bought Palm as what could the computer do with WebOSfor printers? Well, the joke is on us now because HP is looking to develop some newWebOS technologies for printers.

Mark Hurd, HP CEO, admitted that the company is studying a lot of possibilities “including slates and printers.” HP reported a big profit in Q2 2010 therefore we cannot question the company’s ambition and resources so we might see web-connected printers runningWebOS sometime in the future.

We cannot speculate what will HP do with WebOS on printers, but we are excited to hear that this cool mobile operating system will be available on tablets or slates. While Microsoft only wants to kill cool projects like the HP Slate and the Courier dual-screen digital journal, we can only hope that HP will step up and work on an iPad competitor.


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