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How To Watch Netflix In Your iPad From Any Country [How-To]


How To Watch Netflix In Your iPad From Any Country [How-To]

Do you want to watch U.S movies you love to watch on your iPad Mini without needing to download pirated movies from other websites which will probably contain a lot of viruses that will hurt your computer. So why doing such things while you have the ability to watch any movie you want on your iPad using the popular movies app called Netflix ?

But one of the most annoying things in Netflix app is it doesn't support all countries for some reasons, so maybe a lot of you can't enjoy watching movies on their iPads devices. But don't worry you can watch your Netflix in your iPad from any country in the world... All what you will need is a credit card and maybe a half an hour to get things set up.

A Quick Review for Netflix movie app
Netflix is amazing. You can watch zillions of movies and (non-current season) TV shows on demand, instantly, and for like $7 per month. If you live in the U.S (or in place like the UK which have their own Netflix outposts). Anywhere else and you’re stuck with a crappy local offering or – more likely – nothing at all. This is because Netflix checks where you are, and only serves you if you are geographically inside the United States. Or rather, if your IP address is inside the United States. And here’s the crack in the system.

It’s possible to use VPNs and tunnel your way through to a stateside IP address, but this usually results in slow, low-bandwidth streams, and it also affects all your internet traffic.

UnoDNS is a clever paid service which uses DNS to spoof your location. But the clever part is that it only diverts the packets needed to make Netflix believe you’re a local customer.

All the heavy lifting – the actual movies streams and so on – come over your regular pipes. So if you have a fast 100MB fiber-to-the-bedroom connection like me, then you’re golden. Shiny, sparkly golden, to be precise.

So here's what you will need:
  • A U.S iTunes store account (Free)
  • A Netflix account ($8/month) 
  • A valid credit card
  • An UnoDNS account (From $5/month).
What is DNS ? 
DNS is the internet’s phone book. When you type into your browser, a DNS server (usually at your ISP) will translate that URL into the actual hard numbers that point to our site. UnoDNS replaces your ISP’s server with its own, allowing it to redirect some packets. The key is that it only redirects the packets needed to get your Netflix (or another streaming service) and routes all the rest through Google’s DNS servers.
To use the service, it’s best to follow the device-specific instructions on the site. There is an eight-day trial available so you can see if you like it, and you can combine this with a Netflix trial to test everything out.

UnoDNS needs some configuration to be done on setup (mostly telling the service what your home router’s IP address is), but after that you need to do just one thing: change the DNS server on your device. You can do this for individual devices, or for your whole home by changing the DNS server used by your router.

I have a TextExpander snippet containing the UnoDNS’ DNS server address, so I can quickly add it in whenever I need it. To swap back to my ISP’s server, I just delete the number and my ISP’s numbers are automatically repopulated.

Why? Security. I have no reason whatsoever to think that Uno is doing anything but provide a great service. But I’m paranoid. And I’m also speed-hungry – Uno’s nearest DNS server is in Italy, but my ISP’s nearest server is presumably in Barcelona (where I live) or at least in Spain. In the world of millisecond pings, that distance can make a difference. So I only use Uno’s DNS when I’m actually watching things. It takes just a second to switch over.

After using UnoDNS everything will be done for you and you will be able to watch movies in Netflix app from your iPad and from any country in the world...

Netflix: Netflix signup is easy. You just give the site your details and a credit card, and your trial will commence (you’ll only be billed once the trial ends). You’ll need to set up the UnoDNS before Netflix will actually let you into its site, but once that’s done you can use a credit card from anywhere to sign up – not just a U.S credit card (I thought I needed a U.S card to do this, which is why I have left it so long).

Now, you’re almost done. In fact, if you watch Netflix using a computer then you’re done. Enjoy your new-found TV channel (complete with subtitles!). If you’re on an iPad, there’s on more step.

And I am really can make sure that this trick is working very great, a big thanks for Cult of Mac for this tip.

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