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How To Transform iOS 6 Into iOS 7 Beta Using These Jailbreak Tweaks


How To Transform iOS 6 Into iOS 7 Beta Using These Jailbreak Tweaks

The second beta of iOS 7 is here with its new features and full redesigned, and as many users kept asking me for any possible way to upgrade their iOS devices to iOS 7 beta even they know there will be no jailbreak available in iOS 7.. Of course replicating the core functionality of an iOS 7 device isn’t going to be possible, there are just too many differences. However for the most part, features and UI additions can be achieved through jailbreak tweaks and themes.

Of course you will not get the same things as in iOS 7 but I am sure you will feel so good while seeing your iPhone is changed into iOS 7 without upgrading and losing your jailbreak... All what you have to do is to make sure that you have the following jailbreak tweaks and themes... 

  • iOS 7 Theme for iPhone: is the icon set that I used for this video, it does a great job in incorporating iOS 7 icons in replacement for the boring iOS 6 stock app icons. It can be found on the MacCiti repo for free or make a quick search at Cydia store by typing "iOS 7 theme for iPhone"
  • iOS 7 Bars And Battery: produces an identical status bar to iOS 7, including the new flatter battery icon, and dots in replacement for signal bars. It can also be found on the MacCiti repo for free.
  • BlurriedNCBackground: provided the functionality required to have a Gaussian blur effect in replacement for the linen Notification Center background we’re all so accustomed to. This tweak is available for free on the BigBoss repo.
  • CardSwitcher: is the tweak used to replicate the iOS 7 App Switcher. This is almost identical to the multitasking functionality found in iOS 7, and will set you back $1.99 from the BigBoss repo.
  • Thin Lockscreen: is the lock screen theme that I used in this video. It provides a very minimalist approach to the lock screen, and looks incredibly similar to the iOS 7 LS. It is hosted on the Patrick Muff repo for free, so you’ll need to add this source ( to your Cydia sources in order to access the download. The lock screen wallpaper can be found here:
  • FolderEnhancer: was used in this video, to emulate the functionality and appearance of iOS 7 folders. It does a great job, as I’m sure you noticed from the video above. It’s available for $2.49 from the BigBoss repository.
  • Auxo: is the tweak chosen to replicate the functionality of Control Center within iOS 7. Whilst it doesn’t look very similar, the functionality it provides is almost identical and even could be considered better with the addition of app switching. This tweak will set you back $1.99 from the BigBoss repo.
  • DeepEnd: produces a parallax effect, by moving your home screen wallpaper depending on the accelerometer motion detection from your device. This provides a very cool 3D effect to your springboard, and can be found for free on Ryan Petrich’s beta repo (
  • BytaFont + Roboto Light: were used in this tutorial in order to provide a font that looks incredibly similar to the default font found within iOS 7. Both are available for free within Cydia.
Still don't believe me and think that I am losing my mind ? You may be interested to watch this video made by the folks at RedmondPie:

By downloading everything I've mentioned above I am sure you will notice a great difference at your iPhone's interface, and all of this because of jailbreak tweaks and iPhone themes...


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