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How to Save Money when buying a New Phone


How to Save Money when buying a New Phone

Buying a phone is nothing like it use be. Advancing technologies mean that phones are now better and smarter than ever before, meaning that if you’re looking for a new phone, you’re likely to be paying upwards of £600.

However, there are number of ways to save money when buying a new phone; you have more options than ever before. Choosing to buy online will save you a lump of cash. It’s commonplace that brands reserve their best deals for customers buying online – just be sure to stick to reputable sites and you’ll be fine.

Also, straying away from features that you do not need will save you a whole load, just because they look wonderful, or the salesperson is making them sound like the best and most necessary features in the world, if you know you genuinely do not need them, then politely decline.

You can also choose to recycle your old handset for cash and put that towards buying a new device.

Similarly, you can choose to trade-in your old smartphone with websites such as Mobile Phones Direct. The website offers customers the opportunity to sell their old phone whilst buying their new one. When browsing deals for a new phone, you will be met with an option to trade-in.

If this is something that appeals to you, simply follow the prompts and you will be given a price for your old phone – you can currently get almost £200 for a working 64GB iPhone 6. If you’re happy with the price given to you, hit apply and the deals will have updated with the trade-in price knocked off. It couldn’t be simpler.

When you do choose to trade-in your phone and your new phone arrives, you will receive a postage pack to send your old device away, free from all your accounts and content.

Once you’ve posted your phone off, Mobile Phones Direct will receive it within a few working days and will then assess the device to make sure it is as described before continuing with the payment process.

Your old device must be in the condition you have described i.e. fully working. It must: turn on and off; be fully functional; not be PIN locked; have software or hardware faults; have no display cracks; not be liquid damaged; be owned by you; include its original battery within the casing and not be crushed or liquid-damaged.

If you describe your device as faulty or broken then it should still: have no missing parts, be intact (not bent or crushed), be owned by you, not be liquid-damaged, include its own battery, not have been tampered with, however, it can host a cracked display.

If MPD do believe the phone is different to how you described, you will be provided with a revised quote.

Trading your phone in is such a straightforward process – not only does it take your old device off your hands but it can also save you some cash on your new purchase.


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