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How To Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone Back To "Stock" using iLEX RAT


How To Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone Back To "Stock" using iLEX RAT

From about a week ago we made a guide showing you how to restore your jailbroken iPhone using an upcoming tool called SemiRestore, of course it hasn't released yet. Right now I've decided to talk about a new tool that a lot of you may heard about, it is called iLEX RAT. 

From a long time I've used an earlier version of iLEX Rat tool and to be honest this version had a lot of issues, but thankfully the tool received a new update which is now better than the previous one. Check out this video guide: 

Despite its questionable name, iLEX RAT is a pretty straightforward command line tool that’s ran directly on the iOS device. This is great for folks that don’t want to fool around with SSHing into their devices and perform some of the ssh commands that SemiRestore requires.

I can tell you iLEX Rat is working so great and as I said, I have already tested it on my device and it is working very great... 

How To Install iLEX Rat On Your iPhone: 

STEP 1: Open Cydia and add the following repo---->

STEP 2: After the repo is installed on your iPhone, You should see an iLEXiNFO source under your list of sources. Tap on that source, and install the iLEX R.A.T. package. By the way, R.A.T. stands for Remove All Tweaks, but as you’ll see, this tool handles much more than just tweaks.

NOTE: After installing iLEX Rat you will notice there is no any app icon or settings for the tweak, so don't worry, keep going on and follow the steps..

STEP 3: Install MobileTerminal which is available in the BigBoss repo... And once you install MobileTerminal your device is ready to be restored..

Keep in mind, that while iLEX RAT can focus on just the Cydia aspects of your device, it is still capable of returning your entire device back to a stock nature. With that said, it’s imperative that you backup your device before performing any restores. Actually, iLEX RAT itself has a backup and restore tool, but that goes beyond the scope of this introductory tutorial.

How To Run iLEX Rat on Your iPhone: 

STEP 1: Right now Open MobileTerminal and type "Rat" (Without the quotes) and then on the command line tap on enter. The iLEX RAT interface will load, and you’ll see a plethora of options. The option that we’re going to focus on for this tutorial is the full restore (option 12), because that’s most comparable to SemiRestore.

STEP 2: Select option 12, select yes, right now the restore will be in progress, so right now you don't have nothing to do except relaxing yourself for a few minutes.

STEP 3: After your device is rebooted, you’ll be greeted with the traditional iOS setup wizard to reconfigure your device. The only thing that will be left on your device after a restore is Cydia, along with the source for iLEX RAT, so that you may easily install it again.

That's it you have successfully restored your jailbroken iPhone using iLEX Rat..

So have you tried using this tool or not ?

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