How To: Replace The Battery In Your iPhone 5 In Under 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 9:01am by Gurpreen

Despite a few rare cases of faulty batteries, the battery life on the iPhone 5 is actually pretty good. If you disagree completely with this statement then chances are you may require a replacement battery. Actually replacing the battery of your iPhone is easier than you might think and even cheaper than you probably think.

How To Replace The Battery On Your iPhone 5 In 10 Minutes

Of course if you are still covered by Apple, however, you will just want to make use of your warranty. If you aren’t, however, or you are, but don’t want to have your Jailbreak removed. You will be glad to know iFixit has uploaded a video to YouTube on how to replace the battery in an iPhone 5 yourself.

As you will find out from watching the video replacing the battery simply involves removing screws from the bottom of the handset, removing a couple inside to disconnect the display and then finally the battery. Best of all a replacement battery only costs around $10 on sites like eBay.

In total the process takes you about 10 minutes and you will just need a few special tools available from iFixit (as well as the battery replacement of course). Is this something you would consider doing yourself? Let us know in the comments section.

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