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How to register more than 5 fingerprints on iPhone 5s Touch ID (video)


How to register more than 5 fingerprints on iPhone 5s Touch ID (video)

We reported when the Touch ID was released on all its features and one of them was to save at least 5 different fingerprints, which gives multiple users access to the same device.

However, anyone trying to save a 6th one will be out of luck as the option to add a fingerprint will get disabled after 5 attempts, unless you use a trick to register and save each of the multiple fingerprints.

Note Suwanchote, a YouTube user, posted a video of a workaround that allows you to use store more than 5 fingerprints on iPhone 5s on the Touch ID.

Here is a note from him:
“When you register a finger, the sensor can recognize and differentiate at a minimum of 5 fingers per each set up. 
It does not go up to 10 though but somewhere in between. This means that with the set up, you can have the sensor recognize up to 25 (possibly more) uniques fingerprints. My brother documents this in the video.”
This means that if you use more than a single finger for a fingerprint, it will be recognized later. Feel free to try out the trick because it is expected to be patched in the next iOS 7, as Apple has specifically mentioned the Touch ID can only register 5 fingerprints at a time.

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