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How To Introduce Siri To Your Family/Friends [Tip]


How To Introduce Siri To Your Family/Friends [Tip]

Since Apple released iPhone 4S and the company's virtual personal assistant Siri is becoming more and more smarter than before.. With Siri help you can call any contacts, send a message to someone, make a reminder or write a note and more beautiful things can be done using Siri..

But hold on ! Siri can also remember your relationships. Once you’ve told Siri who your wife is, you can ask her to send her a message. We have a basic tutorial to help you teach Siri who your family is…

In this tutorial we will show you how to introduce Siri to your family from Wife/Grandpa/Grandma and so on... 

Just as a reminder, we do these simple, basic tutorials every once in a while to help out our readers that are new to the iOS ecosystem. We know that many of our readers have known about Siri’s abilities for a long time, but this tutorial is for those who are still learning all there is to know about their iPhones and iPads. That being said, the first person to comment that everyone already knows this information owes me five bucks.

One of the easiest ways I recommend you to use is holding the home button until Siri’s iconic purple glowing microphone appears and makes a chime. Then say, “Call my mom.” Siri will then say, “ What is your mother’s name?” Say the full name of the contact you are assigning the relationship to and Siri will find the name and then say, “OK, do you want me to remember that [so-and-so] is your mother?”
So from now on whenever you want to call your mother or send to her a message, just activate Siri and say, “Call my mom,” or “Send a message to my mom,” and Siri will know who you are talking about.

Using the above tip you can use Siri with other people in your family or friends.. Just keep repeating the above steps and you shall introduce Siri to your family..

Another way that can do the same thing which is by adding them manually: 

STEP 1: Go to Contacts---> Select your own name.

STEP 2: Tap "Edit" button.

STEP 3: Scroll down to the section that shows relationship names, like “Mother,” “Father,” “Brother,” etc.
STEP 4: Tap the blue arrow next to a relationship assignment.

STEP 5: Select a name from your contacts.

I remember a funny situation happened to me once with Siri... I told Siri "Call me an Ambulance" and I was in a critical situation as there was a horrible accident at the road, then I find Siri saying "Okay, from now I will call you Ambulance" Oh Siri.. Women :)

I hope you find this tip useful for you... Thanks for reading our posts.

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