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How To Install Themes On iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch Using iSpirit


How To Install Themes On iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch Using iSpirit

So did you find a great theme for your iPhone while surfing on Internet ? Maybe you don't find this theme on Cydia and wondering how to get it, right ? As most of you know there is a lot of different ways to install themes your iPhone, simply by installing Winterboard or Dreamboard.. But have you tried using a new app and easy app called iSpirit brought to you buy iThemesky team ? Well now you should...

I've used iSpirit and it is very great app and very easy to use, all what you have to do is downloading the theme you want and the app will do the rest... So just follow these steps and you will be okay...

STEP 1: Download iSpirit on your computer [Windows users only]

STEP 2: Open iSpirit from your computer's desktop and then click on Theme Manager.
STEP 3: Now simply search for the theme you want and click on Download.
STEP 4: After choosing your theme, iSpirit app will download it and transfer the theme to your iPhone automatically.
STEP 6: After iSpirit done copying the theme on your iPhone, open Winterboard from your iPhone...You can download Winterboard from Cydia for free...
STEP 7: Finally you will have to give your device a quick respring and then you will find the theme installed on your iPhone... 

That's it you are done and I can tell you this is the quickest way to install any theme you can't find on Cydia.. A big thanks for iThemeSky team for this awesome program.


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