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How To Easily Make Yahoo’s New Weather App The Default In iOS


How To Easily Make Yahoo’s New Weather App The Default In iOS

We all know that Yahoo released its new awesome weather app for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch from a few days ago. And in fact the app won the admiration of everyone even me because it is very beautiful and easier to use, it’s “the best-designed iOS app from Yahoo yet.”. The bad news that you can't make Yahoo's weather app the default in iOS. Or can you? Actually, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called ‘YahooWeatherisBetter,’ you can make Yahoo’s new weather app your default…
So how does the tweak works ? Simply just after installing the tweak on your device,  you can access all of its options from your Settings app. There’s not much to configure though. The menu consists of just 3 enable/disable toggles: 1 for the tweak and 2 options.
Those two options are ‘Reroute Stock Bulletin’ and ‘Reroute Stock Icon.’ Enabling either of these will make it so that when you tap on them, iOS will launch the Yahoo! Weather app instead of Apple’s standard Weather application.

I already have tested the tweak and it is working so great on my iPhone, so what are you waiting for ? You can grab the tweak from Cydia store for free via BigBoss repo.. Enjoy all.


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