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How To Easily Bypass The Outgoing Video Size Limit In Messages


How To Easily Bypass The Outgoing Video Size Limit In Messages

One of the main things I hate is that I can't send videos from the messages app longer than three and half a minute and that's bad for some people and I am one of them. But don't you want to enjoy sending unlimited number of videos without facing any walls against you ? That's what many jailbreak tweaks can do like Carrier Unlimited Media Send and iMessage Unlimited Media Send. They’re essentially the same tweak, just with different purposes; one for SMS and one for iMessage.
Any jailbreak tweaks from what I've mentioned above doesn't requires any controls as there is no settings or app icon for the tweak. Just after installing one of the above jailbreak tweaks on your iPhone you are going to notice a great difference when sending videos from the message app...

The only real issue I see with the two tweaks is data usage. I’m fortunate enough to still have an unlimited data plan. But for those who don’t, the megabytes can add up quickly when there isn’t any kind of roadblock holding you back.

Anyway, if you’d like to try out Carrier Unlimited Media Send or iMessage Unlimited Media Send, you can find them both in Cydia, in the ModMyi repo, for free.


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