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How To Customize Your iPhone App Icons [No Jailbreak Required]


How To Customize Your iPhone App Icons [No Jailbreak Required]

Customizing your iPhone app icons as you like is a very great thing and there is no jailbreak tweaks can do such thing as I could remember. But today we've got for you a new way that allows you to customize your iPhone applications icons without needing to jailbreak your iPhone.. here's how.

This new trick we are going to tell you about is brought to you by the folks at Tooliphone, courtesy of their iCustom web app. The tool allows you to create both custom app icons and blank spaces for your Home screen. And it’s all done using URL schemes and Safari shortcuts.

So in order to customize your iPhone apps icons however you want, all what you have to do is opening this link from your iPhone web browser like Safari or Chrome... Over there you will be presented with two options: create an empty space, or create a custom icon. Once you’ve selected one, the app will guide you through the remaining steps.

Check out this video: 

The way is a little boring, because you can only customize one app icon at a time, and you have to point the web app to the URL of an icon image for each app. And since you’re really just creating shortcuts, you’re going to have a ton of duplicates.

Of course jailbreakers can enjoy customizing their app icons using Winterboard themes that available in Cydia or using Dreamboard... But if you were against jailbreak, or you've upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 you can use this little trick... 

So what do you think, have you used this way or not ?

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