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How to Copy Text Messages from iPhone to OnePlus 5

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How to Copy Text Messages from iPhone to OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 is finally launched. It is a sweet deal for all the power and features it is offering for the price. For the first time, OnePlus has given the consumers two options to choose from. A 64 GB with 4 GBs of RAM for $479. And another 128 GB with 8 GBs of RAM for $539. OnePlus 5 has a new dual 16 MP primary camera that is identical iPhone 7’s primary camera. The secondary camera is the same 16 MP as OnePlus 3T. And comes with the latest Android OS 7.1.1 (Nougat)

If you were planning to buy one of these, then you would love to know how to transfer important data from your old phone to OnePlus 5. Android-to-Android transfer is easy as most of the important data is backed up on your Google Account. Switching from iPhone to OnePlus can be tricky. Still, most of the important data can be backed up on a Google Account from your iPhone. All but your text messages. Google does not backup text messages. Even if it did, that would be of little help. As the text message format for iPhone is supported by Android-based devices including OnePlus 5.

To transfer text messages to your new phone, you have to export them from iPhone as a backup file. Then convert that file to a format that Android OS can read. And import the messages to the OnePlus 5 from the converted backup file. Either you can do this manually or with help of a software. We will discuss both methods here. Let us start with the software method.

Method 1: Using Androidphonesoft PhoneTrans

PhoneTrans is a desktop application to makes the process of transfer data between phones a click away. You can transfer data between iOS, Android and Windows OS based devices. It ensures easy transfer of files directly between the devices. This is premium software, but a free trial version is available here. Or you can buy it from here for $35. Follow the following steps to transfer sms from iPhone to OnePlus 5.

Step 1: Install and open MobileTrans.

Step 2: Select “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone and OnePlus 5 to the PC via USB. Make sure the source that is, iPhone is displaying on the left side. And destination is OnePlus 5 on the right side. If not, press “Flip” button.

Step 4: Select from the “Select content to copy” list “Text messages”. And click on “Start Transfer”. Select “Clear data before copy” if you want to clear the existing data.

That is all you have to do to transfer your text messages.

Method 2: Doing it Manually

The other method is the manual one. Which is also not that hard. You need to download two apps on your OnePlus 5. iSMS2droid to convert the text message database to .xml format. That is compatible with Android OS. And SMS Backup and Restore to use that .xml file to extract the messages. Both are available on Play Store for free.

Follow the following steps to transfer your text messages from iPhone to OnePlus 5. The process is divided into mainly two parts. Extraction of text messages from iPhone. And converting and extracting them to OnePlus 5.

Step 1: Extraction of contacts from iPhone

Open iTunes on PC and connect the iPhone to the PC via USB. And then go through the sub-steps below to extract the contacts

  1. Go to File > Devices > Backup.
  2. Find the backup file.
    1. For Mac users, go to (user)/Library/Application Support/Mobile Sync/Backup.
    2. For Windows users, go to users/(username)/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync.

3. Move the file to your OnePlus 5 from PC.

Step 2: Converting and extracting the file to OnePlus 5

Now you have the file. We need to convert it to a format Android OS can read. And extract the file.

  1. Open the iSMS2droid app and choose “Select iPhone SMS Database”. Select “All Text Messages”. Your texts are converted and saved as a .xml file.
  2. Open the SMS Backup and Restore app. Select “Restore” and locate the .xml file and select “Restore All Messages”.

If you do not do the phone switching very often. And it is a one-time thing, then go for the MobileTrans desktop application. As that is relatively easy. But if you switch phones often and do not want to spend money on the premium version of MobileTrans. Then go for the second method.


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