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How Has Technology Improved ATVs?


How Has Technology Improved ATVs?

Technology has impacted everyone’s life in profound ways. It has been able to change the way people work, play, and live, and every industry, from medicine and manufacturing, to power sports and more, have all been changed dramatically by advancements in tech. But how has technology improved ATVs, in particular? Check out the information below to learn more, especially if you are a rider or you are thinking of becoming one.

Improvements to Shock Technology

Shock technology is one area of the ATV industry that has been evolving quite rapidly, and new technology is allowing riders to enjoy greater amounts of comfort and control every time they head out on their favorite ATV.

Polaris has decided to partner with FOX to bring about the best in off-road shock tech. Their 2018 RZR Dynamix has been developed and released as the brand-new damping system that is electronically controlled, and it is able to deliver shock valving control at the rider’s fingertips.

Although this technology has been around for years and it has already been used a lot in off-road race vehicles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes, what makes this new Dynamix system different is the fact that it has an onboard computer to measure seven inputs, including brake pedal position, speed, steering inputs, gyroscope readings, mode switch, throttle pedal position, and accelerometer readings. And it can do it all at an amazing rate of 200 times every second. Plus, it even makes immediate adjustments to the ATV’s Live Valve shocks, keeping you safe and comfortable, as well as confident, while you ride.

Better Steering

Other technology that has improved in the world of ATVs has to do with steering. For example, there is now electric power steering on certain models of ATVs. This has been designed with speed sensors and torque sensors so that the rider has to put in less effort in order to steer effectively. And that ultimately results in less fatigue for the rider, particularly when the terrain gets tougher and harder to manage. Safer riding for everyone!

Better Suspension

Yet another area of the ATV industry that has improved with the help of modern technology is the realm of suspension. Independent rear suspension, which is also referred to as IRS for short, is found on the best models. It basically lets both of the rear wheels on the ATV move independently. That allows the rider to maintain control and traction much more easily, even when he or she is in really tough terrain.

Other Improvements

You can also check out brands like Honda to see what the latest technology is doing for the ATV industry. Honda models showcase the company’s Automatic DCT, which is able to deliver seamless power. Plus, Honda offers an Electric Shift Program that allows you to downshift or upshift with ease, thanks to handlebar-mounted buttons.

These are just a few of the many ways that technology has helped to improve ATVs. If you invest in one of the more recent models of ATVs on the market today, you should find that they are easier to control, safer, and a lot more comfortable to ride than ever before.


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