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How Good is the iPhone X’s New Camera Really?

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How Good is the iPhone X’s New Camera Really?

As with any launch of an Apple product, there’s lots of anticipation, speculation and excitement, as well as predictions about what the new version has in store for consumers. And the launch for the new iPhone X is no different. Apple fans, technology experts, and curious consumers eagerly awaited the news of the latest upgrades and technologies. Many also wondered about the latest upgrades to the camera and its cutting-edge features. But how good is the iPhone X’s new camera and how does it fair up against its predecessors?

What’s New?

The iPhone X camera has a few notable changes and upgrades. Compared to the iPhone 8 with its single 12-megapixel camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), the iPhone X has two 12 megapixel cameras that feature OIS. And with new sensor technology, the camera boasts better color precision and dynamic range.

After numerous tests conducted by industry experts and professional photographers, they found that the iPhone X’s camera features stood leagues ahead of its competitors. Reports of improvements in the zoom performance, overall enhancements regarding exposure, color, and texture, as well as the natural looking effects in portrait mode, seem to make the iPhone X a winner in every category.

What Makes the iPhone X Different?

Improvements like the dual optical image stabilization and faster telephoto lens makes it really stand out. This is already a huge improvement over the iPhone 8 when it comes to low light performance.

If you were still considering hanging on to your iPhone 7 Plus or 8, you might as well consider buying a camcorder with night vision instead. The iPhone 7 Plus and 8 reverts to the default 28mm camera in low light conditions. However, the iPhone X OIS and wider telephoto lens resolve this problem.

Many people might consider low light conditions to mean night-time, but for cameras, it means any condition without direct sun; cloudy days are also low light conditions.

What is the Video Quality Like?

For videographers, the iPhone camera system has long been a favorite. Some industry experts tested the new video capabilities against a professional mirrorless camera and most of them were impressed with the results.

The iPhone X stood up strongly in daylight and slow-mo tests and nearly exceeded the mirrorless camera when it came to color vibrancy and contrast.

However, for low-light abilities and video stabilization, again you might want to consider another option. Also, the iPhone X did not perform well for zooming as it went back to digital zoom one it reached the limits of the telephoto lens.

Apple has long been highlighting the improvements to the iPhone’s camera system, and the latest upgrades to the iPhone X do not disappoint. However, it appears the one element Apple needs to work on more is the low light capabilities of the iPhone’s camera system. To date, even with the iPhone X, it does not meet professional and exacting standards. However, it is still head of the class in most departments for the moment and might be for years to come.


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