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How Businesses Are Incorporating New Tech To Grow Their Sales


How Businesses Are Incorporating New Tech To Grow Their Sales

Keeping pace with innovations and advances in technology and being able to incorporate new products, platforms, and channels is vital for small businesses and large corporations alike in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Building an effective IT strategy and adopting new tech such as the cloud can play a pivotal role in growing a business and boosting sales, and is the most effective means to gaining a competitive advantage today.

Power of the cloud


Enterprises across the globe are now embracing the cloud as it enables them to perform critical business functions in a more efficient manner while cutting costs. It also gives them access to the best software and services available without having to invest in an expensive on-site infrastructure. The cloud allows organizations to manage operations from anywhere, with any device, at any time, which is great for productivity, coordination, and scalability. Cloud vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP deploy a range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) products that can help to grow sales.


Sales teams now depend on technology to push customers along the buying cycle in the simplest and most efficient manner. They need to have valuable, detailed insights and a platform that enables them to close deals faster. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is central to this aim as it allows businesses to build relationships with their customers, target prospective users, generate leads, and execute marketing effectively. Many organizations are now also using the vast wealth of tech available to them to bring sales and marketing closer together to improve its effectiveness. Business-wide collaboration and the elimination of tech silos is another focus for growing enterprises.


Collaboration is important for improving the effectiveness of sales teams as it enables enterprises to identify new opportunities, nurture prospects, and complete tasks in the shortest time possible. The emergence of mobile sales apps is helping to streamline sales functions, and a range of useful features has been introduced. For example, the Geopointe Map & Geo-Analytics app from Salesforce empowers sales members to create geographically targeted direct mail and email campaigns, and can also be integrated with Google Maps for increased effectiveness. Another product from Salesforce, Spanning Backup, uses the cloud to make daily automated backups so that salespeople can concentrate on selling rather than recreating data they have lost.

Business phone, internet, and data

Taking advantage of enterprise-level data, internet, and voice solutions is critical for business continuity and providing the platform from which sales are conducted. This ties in again with collaboration as video conferencing and other innovative tech is essential in the sales business. Telecoms service provider Primus delivers business phone services to enable corporations to focus on profitability and growth. While social media and online platforms offer versatile ways to improve the sales process, traditional phone systems are still ripe with potential as they offer more personal interaction and a more immediate, tangible point of contact for customers.

Enterprises must adapt, innovate, and embrace new tech to grow their sales. They must take stock of how current tech is working for them, map this to each stage of the sales process, and then identify the apps and tools they need to help salespeople to complete critical functions more effectively.


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