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Here’s What A 12.9 Inch iPad Looks Like Next To An iPad 4, MacBook Air


Here’s What A 12.9 Inch iPad Looks Like Next To An iPad 4, MacBook Air

At the start of 2013, there was a report from a news site based in Korea that Apple was planning to launch a 12.9 inch iPad tablet early next year. Other rumors pointed this tablet is going to be called the ‘iPad maxi’.

The above picture shows 12.9-inch iPad next to a mini and a 4th gen iPad..

The Wall Street Journal validated the report last month, saying that the fruit company was really working on such a model.

If you want to get an idea of what this device could look like if it ever makes way, there’s a rendering made by CiccareseDesign (commission given by MacRumors) that shows what the 13-inch iPad can look like in front of current iPad Mini and iPad mini as well as 13-inch MacBook Air and iPad 5.

And here it is next to a 13-inch MacBook Air:
It looks like a lot of calculations are done behind this concept, but according to MacRumors, 2712 x 2048 is the resolution that has been kept in mind when the drawings were made. This is why the extra icons row is present, and so much space is visible.

The renderings look great, but the question remains the same. Why on earth is Apple planning a tablet of that size? Folks already have access to 9.7 inch iPad and those who don’t like the large size can go for the iPad Mini.

This would also kill the purpose of portability. Is Apple following the Samsung Galaxy phone trend? This display size would appeal to videographers, producers and those who take photos, but for a normal user, it may just be too big. Furthermore, so many apps installed on the screen would look rather odd.
What do you think? Does an iPad that big ever have a chance of making way in your device arsenal? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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