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Here she is: HTC Butterfly s Hello Kitty Edition


Here she is: HTC Butterfly s Hello Kitty Edition

HTC Taiwan just made the Butterfly s Hello Kitty Edition official. What is the Butterfly s? Chances are you haven’t heard of it because it hasn’t been launched outside of Asia … yet. It’s essentially a 5.0 inch version of the One, but with a massive battery, and the metal body has been swapped out for your typical polycarbonate shell.

Now HTC doesn’t specify how many of these Hello Kitty phones will be made, but they do say it’ll be a globally launched product. Some site, I forget which one, published a rumor saying there would only be 2,000 units available, but I find that incredibly hard to believe.

Say you don’t like Hello Kitty, but you want the Butterfly s, should you buy it? I’m going to have to vote yes. The HTC One, as pretty as it is, has dreadful battery life. Maybe it’s because I’m used to a Galaxy Note II, but I expect my phone to last me at least 36 hours. Forgetting to charge your phone while you’re asleep and waking up with a dead unit is something I simply can’t tolerate.

The Butterfly s fixes that.


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