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Google To Release A Big Update To Google Maps For Both iOS And Android [Video]


Google To Release A Big Update To Google Maps For Both iOS And Android [Video]

Google has announced on its LatLong blog today that it will be rolling out a big update for its iOS and Android Google Maps apps and also finally releasing a standalone app for the iPad and Android tablets. This update is said to bring about a new mapping experience that makes exploring the world and getting to the places that matter to you a lot faster and easier.

Google Introducing Explore, Zagnat And More For Google Maps

Google highlighted a few key features in its blog post that included Explore, Enhanced Navigation, tablet optimization, Reviews, Zagnat, Offers and Valuable offers.

Explore allows you to visually browse and discover new places without typing. Some of the Enhanced Navigation features include current traffic conditions (this includes incident detection) and also automatic re-direction if a better route becomes available. The implementation of Reviews, Zagat and Offers will help you make choices when deciding between various places to eat or visit by providing you with social reviews. Lastly, Valuable Offers will help you discover deals in your area.

Besides adding in new features Google also removed some that include Latitude and check-ins. These services will be retired from older version of the app as well on August 8th. This isn’t to say that these features won’t be replaced though, location sharing and check-ins are coming to Google+ soon. One other thing that has changed is that on Android Googlein order to access offline maps now you must type in “OK Maps” into the search box when viewing the area you want for later.

The update will be available soon in the Google Play Store and App Store. Google has mentioned the update will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, so be patient.

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