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Google Play Gives Apps Extra Promotional Power

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Google Play Gives Apps Extra Promotional Power

Android mobile users can look forwarded to using an improved Google Play store in the coming weeks as the tech company have announced plans for a few shake-ups.One of the most welcome features is the way that Google Play will now allow apps to display a special sale price with the original price crossed-out to allow developers to offer flash promotions.


The announcement was made at the recent Google Developer Day that aimed to give Android app developers a helping hand in promoting their apps via the Google Play store. But it’s not just the addition of a sale price feature that’s helping to deliver a more dynamic pricing option, as it allows paid apps to even be downloaded for free on a temporary basis in a way to boost user engagement.

The use of such promotional sales activities has already found great success in other online realms with gaming brands like New Jersey Online Casinos offering a casino bonus programme to reward newcomers and loyal players at the 888 gaming site.

And it’s hoped that many of the pre-existing apps at the Google Play store will be able to benefit from similar pricing strategies in a bid to extend their lifespans and engage with new customers.

This will be accompanied by the inclusion of a new editorial page on the Play Store that will help users to navigate over 2.5 million Android apps that are available to download.

The new editorial page will aim to prioritise high quality games like Pokémon Go, rather than the huge selection of lower quality titles that have clogged up the Google Play store.

In addition to this are the recent announcements that Google was planning to remove millions of outdated apps from its store. This was done in a bid ensure that any app has an updated privacy policy that complies with the brand’s requirements regarding the use of personal permissions of a mobile device.

This is also hoped to have the bonus effect of cleaning up the cluttered appearance of the Google Play store that definitely suffers in comparison to Apple’s remarkably well-ordered App Store.

All of which are part of Google’s plans to maximise their strategy in making sure that Google Play is the most popular app store. But with still no plans to allow casino apps to feature at the store, it seems as though it will still lag behind Apple’s App Store.


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