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Google Launches Secure Search At


Google Launches Secure Search At

google-ssl-400.jpg Google announced today that it is extending its SSL offerings to Google search. Google has long provided SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support for its Gmail and Google Docs products but this is the first time basic search has received SSL support.lock-generic-260.jpg

Most users recognize SSL connections by the “https” distinction in the address or the “protected” flag that appears in your web browser. These types of protection encrypt and protect the information you transmit to those sites, meaning that the data you are sending out is protected from people or bots that may be monitoring traffic on your network.

While it is common for e-mail or e-commerce sites to use SSL connections, search connections can benefit from being secure too. For instance, if you’re at Starbucks or another locale that has Wi-Fi access, you might not want interlopers to have the ability to see that you are Googling for “****** ****** tour” or “Twilighttwilight pics.”

Now you can get basic SSL protection for your GoogleGoogle searches by visiting At the time of this writing, Google is still redirecting all HTTPS requests to the regular Google homepage, but this should change over the course of the day.


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