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GlyPatch Tweak Patches Recently Exposed DoS Exploit In iOS


GlyPatch Tweak Patches Recently Exposed DoS Exploit In iOS

One of the most well-known developers from the jailbreak community, Filippo Bigarella, has released a new Cydia tweak on the weekend that goes by the name GlyphPatch. It is specifically made for patching the DoS exploit that was recently exposed threatening the WebKit engine of the Safari browser and lead to crashing of apps when characters were rendered in a malware type sequence.

The exploit, which can cause harm to both Mac and iOS users, can be activated through different sources such as network SSID, iMessage, internet and SMS. Those who are jailbroken can protect themselves through the new jailbreak app.

Here is the description excerpt of GlyphPatch Cydia tweak:
On Aug 29th, 2013, a DoS (Denial of Service) exploit targeting iOS / OS X was disclosed. This exploit is based on a vulnerability affecting iOS / OS X characters rendering engines: this tweak aims to patch that vulnerability in order to protect the user from this kind of attacks, since the exploit can be triggered through different surfaces (SMS, iMessage, web, network SSID).
This isn’t quite easy to understand, but the developer did mentioned a long explanation of what the exploit is about.
 Looks like the exploit doesn’t give an external or anonymous user access to your operating system, but it is still inconvenient to see the Safari/Messages app cash or SSID scanning attempts get stuck.

If this bug has been bothering you for a while, GlypPatch Cydia tweak can lessen your woes. It’s simple to use and gets immediately activated upon installation without any configuration.

You can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Mac users have to wait a while because the Mac version is still being worked upon.

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