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Give Your iOS A Gorgeous Makeover With iMIUI


Give Your iOS A Gorgeous Makeover With iMIUI

Do you want to change your iOS makeover and use a new gorgeous one ? Well in case you are looking for a beautiful iPhone theme then I recommend for you to check out a new theme called iMIUI, the developer behind this theme told me that it could be the next ayecon.
We all know that Ayecon is the most popular theme for your iPhone, but after using iMIUI theme I really started to change my mind. The theme is well-made and has got a cool design.

First things first, what is iMIUI? Well from what I understand, MIUI is an Android ROM, built by the folks over at Xiaomi Tech. And iMIUI is a large-scale iOS port of that ROM, wrapped up in the form of a WinterBoard theme.
After installing the theme on my iPhone, I've noticed a great changes in my iOS, all the apps icons are changed to a better view even the stock apps looks great.

Perhaps more impressive, though, are the little touches. Blue accents have been replaced by Orange ones. And both radio buttons and toggles seem a bit more soft around the edges. I must say, the level of detail here is striking.

But above all else, iMIUI is just a really good-looking theme. The icons, which are the most important part of a theme, look excellent. They’re crisp, they’re understated, and very well designed. And the same goes for the various UI tweaks.

So what are waiting for ? Don't you want to free your iOS and make it better than the default look ? 

To install the theme, you’ll have to add to your Cydia sources by tapping Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. It’s iOS 6 and iPhone 5-friendly, but at the moment there’s no iPad version available.

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