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Get 100GB Of Cloud Storage With The MacMate Pro Plan [iJailbreak Deals]


Get 100GB Of Cloud Storage With The MacMate Pro Plan [iJailbreak Deals]

If you have been looking for an affordable and easy-to-use cloud service that will take care of up to 100GB of your digital life then you are in for a treat! MacMate has combined a host of intuitive features just for you so you can feel the real power of how nice it is to have the cloud in your life. Don’t like all that music slowing down your Mac? The cloud is here to carry the load so your Mac can continue to do what it does best…run fast.

This 2 Year MacMate Pro plan covers more than just cloud storage. It’s going to cover your web hosting, file sharing, email, graphic galleries, and much more.

We all get to the point where we have too much stuff and not enough space. Now you can finally lighten the load with this awesome cloud service.


Not only, are you going to get 100GB of Cloud Storage but you’re also going to get 2 YEARS OF WEB HOSTING AS WELL.

100GB of cloud storage from a rockstar cloud service provider (for 2 years) is just flat out tough to come by. We practically live in our computers so when it comes to a great cloud service it’s tough for us to say no, especially with this type of offer. Not only does this promo come with a healthy amount of cloud storage but it also comes with 2 YEARS OF WEB HOSTING as an added bonus.

For a limited time iJailbreak is able to offer MacMate Pro for a whopping 85% off its normal retail price of $400. That is only $59 if you take action now. Click the button below for more information.


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