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German Doctor is using the iPad for Liver Surgery


German Doctor is using the iPad for Liver Surgery

We have all heard about robots making some operations that needs a lot of precision & time, but i think it is the first time to see an iPad making or assisting in an liver surgery.

During a three hour operation, a German doctor used the iPad to photograph the patient liver, then by using a Medial App making a 3D liver model, The doctor used to remove two tumors successfully. Some photos of the surgery after the break.

We have always been hearing about the uses of iPad in the entertainment & business field, Along with some medial Apps, but having a surgery using the iPad will be considered as a revolution in the medical field moreover a new market for Apple.

Now as the iPad made it successfully to the operation room with positive results, i think that will get more medical fans for the iPad.

Now any doctor can use his iPad and download a group of popular medical apps from the App Store and the operation will be done in the correct way...

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