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Galaxy Gear Manager screenshots leak


Galaxy Gear Manager screenshots leak

It’s hard to describe the awkward time we’re in right now. Everyone knows Samsung is going to hold a press conference this coming Wednesday. Everyone know Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at that press conference. Yet here we are, impatient as always, spreading leaks and rumors and getting our panties in a bunch when we know that everything we want to know about these two devices will finally be revealed in all of five days.

Some of you really go nuts over this stuff, so without further adieu, here are two screenshots of the Galaxy Gear setup manager, courtesy of @evleaks. As you can tell, there’s not enough information in these images to come to any sort of ground breaking conclusions. The Galaxy Gear looks like it’ll come with NFC support, so all you’ll have to do to pair your phone to the watch is tap.

But then what?

Will the Galaxy Gear work only with Samsung phones? How big will the Galaxy Gear screen be? What does the UI look like? What kind of battery life can we expect? Assuming the rumor about 8 GB of built-in storage is true, what exactly are you supposed to store on that partition?

As always, with new leaks comes new questions. Just wait five days, and you’ll have answers.


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