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FXOSLock: Change The Way You Slide To Unlock


FXOSLock: Change The Way You Slide To Unlock

Don't you want to change the default way to slide to unlock ? Maybe you are getting bored from sliding to unlock and looking for something new, right ? As most of you know Cydia contains a hundreds of slider replacement to choose from. So today I love to add this new recently released jailbreak tweak which called FXOSLock to the list...

Once you install the tweak on your iPhone, you will find a new whole slider replaced by the default slide to unlock. A tiny circular slider will be available for you.

But it doesn’t just change the look of the slider, it also changes how it works. While you’ll still slide the knob to the right to unlock your iPhone, you’ll have to slide it to the left to bring up the camera. There’s no grabber.

And unfortunately, that’s about all there is to the tweak. I wish there were settings to configure so that you could set the slide actions to whatever you wanted, but there’s not. Perhaps that’ll turn up in a future update.

FXOSLock is one of the better-looking slider replacements I’ve seen. But the functionality doesn’t come close to others like Grabby or JellyLock. Those interested, though, can find it in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $0.99.

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