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Future Xperia phones could charge wirelessly in less than an hour


Future Xperia phones could charge wirelessly in less than an hour


According to Nikkei, Sony and Rohm Co. are working on technology that’ll allow a smartphone to charge wirelessly in about an hour. Speculation suggests this technology could land in future versions of Sony’s Android-powered Xperia smartphones.

The new Sony and Rohm technology  uses 10-15 watts of electricity, on par with the average smartphone. The electricity is supplied at twice the rate of current chargers, which would slash the time needed for charging. Unlike most devices which would melt under such an aggressive charging scenario, Rohm has developed control chips that help dissipate heat under this electricity load. These chips could be used in Qi-compatible phones and chargers to create a charging system that wouldjuices up your phone in about an hour.

The technology is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2014. According to Nikkei, the specifications for this technology are undergoing final approval by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless charging under the Qi international standard. It’ll be interesting to see if and when this technology makes its way into consumer devices.

[Via Nikkei and Engadget]


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