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Free iTunes Content Starts To Show Up In Apple Store App


Free iTunes Content Starts To Show Up In Apple Store App

From some days ago we told you that Apple is getting ready for its upcoming sales push where the company would serve free iOS apps, iBooks and other types of digital iTunes content through the official Apple Store app.

Having laid the groundwork by updating the free Apple Store iOS software a week ago, Apple has now made necessary changes to its backend, resulting in free iTunes content now appearing inside the app.

Apple’s first gift to its customers and would-be shoppers is the Color Zen game, otherwise a 99-cent download if accessed outside the shopping software. It’s interesting the offer not only automatically pops up upon the user waltzing inside an Apple Store, but is also available if you’re actually hundreds of miles away from the nearest retail outlet, here’s how…

You can quickly enter these great deals without even entering the Apple Store app, fire up the app, hit the Store tab at the bottom and select any U.S. or international Apple Store. As shown on the screenies top of post, I chose Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue glass cube store.
Better to hurry up !

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