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Forget “Called ID” Here’s “Color ID” a Blackberry App


Forget “Called ID” Here’s “Color ID” a Blackberry App

Own a BlackBerry? Check out this free downloadable app that assigns a colour to contacts in your address book. When a call or text comes in, the smartphone’s LED light flashes a particular colour so you know who’s calling at a glance.

Color ID FreeOne of my favourite new BlackBerry apps is called Color ID Free, a simple tool that lets you see who’s calling on your smartphone by simply glancing at it.

All you do is assign a name in your contacts list to a specific colour and when that person calls or texts you, the small LED light in the corner of the BlackBerry will flash that particular colour.

For example, you’re in a meeting and notice your phone is blinking blue, which means it’s your buddy writing to confirm the poker game. If the smartphone is blinking green, however, it’s the boss, so you should probably read the text or excuse yourself to take the call. I assigned a rainbow of colours to my wife, Kellie, so I can see when she’s trying to reach me.

This free app is restricted two contacts in your address book, but the full version is $5.

BlackBerry owners, are there any apps you’d love to share?

Source: By Marc Saltzman

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