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Five Reasons HTC One M8 Beats Galaxy S5 [According To HTC]


Five Reasons HTC One M8 Beats Galaxy S5 [According To HTC]

News James Peckham 16:23, 11 Apr 2014

HTC has released some key reasons why it thinks the One M8 beats the Galaxy S5

HTC and Samsung are two of the biggest names in the Android space. Both companies have brand new flagship devices out. And both are currently in the process of attempting to get as many people as possible to buy them. But which is best? HTC or Samsung? Plastic or aluminium? Nature UX or Sense? 

If you ask Samsung, they’ll tell you the Galaxy S5 – every time. Ditto for HTC. Neither company would ever be so bold as to simply declare this, however. That'd be too ungentlemanly. This is what Robert Downy Jnr and marketing departments are for; gentle, persuasive suggestion. And yet today we’ve been made aware of a leaked document, apparently from inside HTC HQ, which outlines five key areas the M8 has the Galaxy S5 beat. Obviously this memo was never meant for public consumption, it's essentially a memo designed to keep HTC reps on-message. Still, it does make for an interesting read all the same. Partly because it tells us what HTC thinks the handset's main strengths are, and partly because they've been caught out lampooning Samsung's latest phone. 

So, without further ado – here are the five apparent areas the M8 has the Galaxy S5 beaten:  

Metal Beats Plastic

One has a distinctively plastic look, that would be Samsung. It really contrasts with the “stunning design” of the M8.


BoomSound was loud and clear on the M7, and it’s even better on the new One M8. HTC rates it even more compared to the speakers avaliable on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Fast Access

Unlike the Galaxy S5, you can wake up the M8 by double tapping or swiping on the screen. Bad luck Samsung.

Dual Camera

The depth sensor on the back of the M8 lets it distinguish between foreground and background, allowing you to apply selective focus and other effects. The Samsung Galaxy S5 lets you do a similar function but it's nowhere near as powerful as the HTC alternative.

HTC Advantage

HTC offers you an extended warranty program that gives you a one-time screen replacement in the first six months of ownership, guaranteed 2-year Android upgrades, and more. Samsung doesn't seem to match that.

If you want an independent and neutral take on the HTC One M8 you can find it here. We will be uploading our review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


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