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First Video Of Blue iPhone 5C Up And Running


First Video Of Blue iPhone 5C Up And Running

Well that's crazy ! As most of you know, in the past few weeks we've seen a tons of purported pictures for Apple's next generation iPhone 5C.. Today it looks like Chinese Technology blog has just posted its first video of Blue iPhone 5C running and you can see it in the following video...

The Chinese blog video can't be embedded, but we thankfully got it from The re-captured clip has some frames missing – that’s why the animations don’t appear as smooth as you’d expect – so make sure to check out the YouKu (China’s YouTube) smoother version before commenting.

Here's the video: 

Your key takeaway, based on C Technology’s original clip: the iOS 7 user interface appears to run smoothly on this supposed iPhone 5C unit. This matches up with analyst reports that describe the device as basically an iPhone 5 hardware redesigned around a polycarbonate plastic enclosure.

So what do you think guys ? Is  it be true ? 

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