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Fingerprint sensor called ‘Touch ID’ in today’s iPhone 5S (confirmed!)


Fingerprint sensor called ‘Touch ID’ in today’s iPhone 5S (confirmed!)

Last minute details are nothing less than the welcome. We recently came to know that there would be a finger-print sensor on the iPhone 5S, and now more evidence has popped up for the feature.

This is an illustration showing an iPhone 5S and a silver ring around the Home button on iOS 7. Apple’s dotted color banner displayed at the Town Hall today also points towards the solver ring. The current photo you see above has been said to be taken from the user guide of iPhone 5S.

The credit goes to, who terms the source as ‘very reliable’, and they have indeed got a great track record, so it won’t be shocking if it’s real.

Moving forward with the real assumption, the finger print sensor is going to be termed as ‘Touch ID’. Users will be able to take advantage of the sensor by holding the finger over the button, instead of swiping as in case of old scanners. This feature is expected to unlock the iPhone at the moment.

Apple in the future can utilize this feature for iCloud and iTunes passwords, and do the same for third-party developers. Passwords elimination would be sweet.

The media event where Apple reveals iPhone 5S and 5C is going to take place at 10 am Pacific Time. For further details about fingerprint sensor and a lot more, tune in with us.

Live event coverage here.

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