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Facebook Messenger for Android gets a brand new UI [Download]


Facebook Messenger for Android gets a brand new UI [Download]


Facebook has always been criticised for its poor mobile apps on iOS and Android platform. While the company’s official Facebook client is horribly slow, laggy and buggy, its Messenger app is much better, even though it does not follow the Holo guidelines on Android. 

The Facebook team, however, is looking to change all that with its latest beta update for the Facebook messenger app. The app now looks aesthetically pleasing and truly looks like a modern Android app. The new app also has a Messenger icon to denote which all of your friends are online from the Facebook Messenger app available on various platforms.

There is one regression in this new update though – No SMS integration. The new app will also allow users to send messages to people who are not on their friend’s list, though you will need to have their phone number for this.

The new update is currently in beta and is only available to limited Android users. However, you can grab the APK from here if you cannot wait for the app to graduate from the beta stage.


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