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Engineers Hard At Work To Complete iOS 7, Avoiding Delays


Engineers Hard At Work To Complete iOS 7, Avoiding Delays


So far we’ve heard that Apple and Jony Ive have been hard at work completely redesigning and developing the next iteration of iPhone software, iOS 7. However, it wasn’t that long ago that we’ve heard Apple was borrowing engineers from OS X 10.9 to help with the completion of iOS 7. Today, AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski is claiming that Apple is continuing to borrow engineers in an effort to avoid any type of release delay, and to at least finalize the first beta build of iOS 7:

Sources who declined to be named because they are forbidden to talk publicly about Apple’s plans tellAllThingsD that the company has been “borrowing” engineers from the OS X 10.9 team as part of an effort to double down on iOS 7.

Don’t panic however, Paczkowski assures us that his source says it will be releasing on schedule, and it’s likely just taking a little extra time than predicted to complete this overhaul. It’s worth noting that Paczkowski has been accurate with Apple predictions, citing reputable sources, in the past. Bloomberg backs the overhaul with their report earlier today, stating iOS 7 will contain a flat interface which is nothing like iOS has been in the past:

“I’ve heard similar descriptions from sources who say iOS 7 is iOS “de-glitzed.” “Put it this way,” said one source who’s been briefed on iOS. “You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye Circus Circus.”

Not a surprise, really. With Scott Forstall — an advocate for flashy, skeumorphic designand its stiched-leather and faux wood grain flourishes — now gone from Apple, and Ive in an expanded role, the current and former Apple employees I’ve spoken to say iOS 7 was destined for a new coat of paint. As one said, “Sounds like a much-needed ‘deForstallization.’”

Only time will tell what iOS 7 entails, but from my prediction, it seems like this OS will be redesigned from the ground-up, especially if it is taking Apple’s developers this long to simply “update” the firmware. We’ve never heard reports like these before, so it’s unlikely that iOS 7 will just have minor UI differences.

What are your thoughts? Do you think iOS 7 will be ENTIRELY different than its predecessor? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for WWDC where it’s likely that we will see the first developer preview of iOS 7. source

BTW- Jim Dalrymple of LoopInsight has just confirmed all of this information with a notorious “Yep.”

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