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Don’t Expect To See New iPhone Or iPad At WWDC


Don’t Expect To See New iPhone Or iPad At WWDC

So we are only a few weeks away from Apple's WWDC 2013 (World Wide Developers Conference) which will be held in San Francisco. Right now many of you may wondering what will the company unveil during the keynote address. As much as we all have long wish lists for what we would like to see, I think it’s important to balance those with realistic expectations for what’s likely to happen.
Let us be honest, there is a very important thing we must know about WWDC, it is a developer conference which means it is not a place where Apple is going to show off a new iPhone or iPad.  These things are take place in a separated media event...  The only thing we are very sure about it, is seeing Apple's new iOS 7 software for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touches devices... 

Here’s the quote published on The Loop.
So, don’t expect an iPhone or iPad at WWDC.
So do you mean that Apple made this enormous conference for only introducing the new iOS 7 ?? Well personally I  would look squarely to the Mac side of Apple’s product line.

The Mac is still an important part of what Apple does, but I don’t know that Apple would hold a special event specifically for a Mac product anymore. If they did, it would have to be quite a spectacular product.

And don't forget, Apple made an introduction for the WWDC 2013 and mentioned iOS7 and OS X. The operating systems are why most of the people attending WWDC go to the conference.

Conveniently enough, chip maker Intel earlier this month announced a fourth-generation Core architecture. Named Haswell, it sports an updated graphics architecture which supports three monitors and features OpenCL 1.2, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4 compatibility.

The entry-level U-series chipset is capable of driving 4K resolution.
That chip also draws just 15 Watts of power, which is less than the chip powering the current-generation MacBook Air that draws 17 Watts of power. Theoretically speaking, Apple could tap the Haswell platform to build a Retina-grade MacBook Air, provided the notebook came with a power-savvy backlighting solution.

So right now, what I want to say, is that there is a great hope we will not see a new iPhone or iPad at the WWDC 2013... Maybe a new MacBook will be introduced who knows ?! As usual everything will be known very soon after a few weeks..

So who is interested ?

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