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Did Samsung just cancel the ATIV Q?


Did Samsung just cancel the ATIV Q?

Remember when Samsung announced a Windows 8 laptop that also ran Android? That was a little over two months ago. You’d think it would be out by now, right? According to the Korean website Naver, the machine infringes on several patents because it runs two operating systems at the same time, and it’s increasingly looking like the device has been canceled. Samsung allegedly isn’t trying to make a big deal out of it, but truth be told, I’m glad that monster might not land on store shelves.

As someone “lucky” enough to get a chance to play with the ATIV Q, I can tell you that the keyboard was easily one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever used. And as for the Android app compatibility, it’s basically a virtual machine that’s always on. Performance, for me at least, seemed to stutter heavily. Was the 13.3 inch 3200 x 1800 pretty to look at? Of course it was, but the rest of the product screamed danger, danger, DANGER!

Convergence is great, but if you want a laptop, buy a laptop. Samsung’s high end Series 9 machines look great. And then if you want an Android tablet, the $230 Nexus 7 is perfect.

[Via: G4Games, PhoneArena]


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