Could This Video Actually Reveal What iOS 7 Looks Like Running On The iPad?

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 8:13am by Gurpreen

Despite some small screenshots that Apple has up on its official website of the iOS 7 homescreen on the iPad, how iOS 7 actually looks on the Fruit Company’s tablet is unknown. We did share some leaked screenshots that came from the Xcode simulator, but they were really just blown up iOS 7 visuals from the iPhone.


Now a video is circulating the net that claims to show iOS 7 fully functioning on the iPad. It isn’t known how this individual managed to get a hold of a working iPad version of iOS 7, or even if the video is legitimate, but we thought we would share it with to see what you guys think of it.

The video comes from a YouTube user who goes by Rozetked and it runs just over 1 minute and 30 seconds long. During the video you are shown the lockscreen, the homescreen, folders, the notification center and the control center.

It isn’t known whether or not Rozetked was able to hack iOS 7 for the iPhone and get it to run on the iPad or if he is claiming to be in possession of an early internal build from Apple.

A lot of these videos end up being fake with some pro video editing, but it does look believable enough to pass off at the moment. We will have to wait and see what iOS 7 on the iPad looks like when Apple releases the beta in the coming weeks.

Until that time share your thoughts about the video in the comments section below.

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