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Clash Of The Titans Coming Soon To All Consoles!


Clash Of The Titans Coming Soon To All Consoles!

At last a Clash of the Titans game has a release date. As if you weren’t sick enough to watch the movie in general. On, the game is listed as having a July 27, 2010 release date. You can always go to your nearest retailer to purchase the game for the same or a lesser price, but as always GameStop has some kind of exclusive offer if you buy the game at their store.

If you can make it to a GameStop and reserve Clash of the Titans, the company will give you a few exclusive pieces of content that include the following:

Quest #1:Bird in Hand: Slay the Cockatrice, a giant winged beast, at the mount of idols. Its venomous breath is a grave threat to the people of Paxos. You will be given a new sub-weapon “Wing of Icarus” , if you are successful in your quest. This allows you to create a tornado that knocks back anyone who gets in the way.

Quest #2: Songs of Enchantment: The mysterious Succubus and beautiful Siren await you at the end of this quest. Battle through skeletons to get to these beautiful, but deadly enemies. Defeat them and you will be awarded another sub weapon, “The Song of Orpheus.” While you are playing the tune, thunder will damage the enemies around you.

There you go. If you’re a huge fan of the upcoming game because you loved the movie so much, now is your chance to pre-order the game and get the exclusive content, which I hope will be worth the purchase.

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