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Circul8: An Amazing Outstanding Theme For iPhone And iPad


Circul8: An Amazing Outstanding Theme For iPhone And iPad

One of the main things I care about is the look of my iPhone, I love to install beautiful and simple themes on my device so it give it a cool look. I know that everyday there is a tons of themes are pushed to Cydia and almost 95% of them is rubbish and I am sorry to say such word here but that's the truth.
By the days you will be find things getting really harder to find an amazing theme that is truly worthy of your iDevice. That’s where we come in… Introducing Circul8. A theme that is well crafted with the perfect minimalism for a simple but effective look.

The best part I love is it is available for free... Check out this video: 

Circul8 is a new iPhone and iPad theme designed by Andreas Larsen, here's the features that the theme supports:

  • 550+ icons
  • Works on iOS 6 and all iDevices (yes you too non-retina users)
  • 40+ language support
  • Auxo themed
  • Lock screen + passcode themed
  • Notification Center + popups
  • Statusbar icons
  • Color options for badges and statusbar
  • FolderIcons (coming soon)
  • Supports iPhone + iPad
  • and much more…
The coolest part is the “premium UI options,” which allows you to make a $5 donation to Doctors without Borders. Not only is Circul8 an amazing theme with quality support but the developer also gives the proceeds to charity. This really makes me proud to be a part of a community that has amazing people like this.
Check out the video below and also the Circul8 website for info on the premium UI-

Andreas Larsen worked very hard on Circul8 and he has put so much time and effort to look amazing for the user and simple. He has also put together all these resources to supply more support.
Here is the GitHub link for:
  • All Circul8 resources
  • Get free stuff like wallpapers, alt. icons, font, zeppelin support
  • Photoshop files, actions, gradients, and more…
  • Live updated version so you don’t have to wait for Cydia
  • Color variations for status bar, labels, and badges
  • Lock screens themes
  • Icon Requests

That's not all, Circul8 theme also supports many jailbreak tweaks like: 
  • Auxo
  • Zeppelin
  • No dock reflection
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Poof
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • Blackout
I really used this theme and it is amazing, Andreas worked very hard on it and gave a lot of great features (500+ features) on the free version . Even if you decide to go for a premium option, the $5 you donate goes to a wonderful charity. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go download Circul8! I’m serious! Go!!

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