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Check Out These Amazing Photos From The 2013 iPhone Photography


Check Out These Amazing Photos From The 2013 iPhone Photography

There are Emmys, VMAs and then there are iPhone Photography Awards. The iOS community is more interested in iPhone related awards as it relates to something that they actually own and are able to use.
The 2013 iPhone Photography Awards were recently help. Participants were only permitted to use an iPod Touch or an iPhone to take the images. They were not allowed to use DSRLs or even an iPad, and the image couldn’t be altered in any way using external software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Holly Wesley 1st place 2013 Photograph of the year
This would make most think that it was impossible to get breath taking without all the photography tools that set the norm for photographers, but judging by the results and entries, most participants have outdone themselves and created stellar images that will leave most viewers awed.

However, one thing to note that users were allowed to use photo editing apps on the iPhone, so we think they the best assistant in creating images for the participant.
The subject of the photos were people, landscapes, animals and a lot other categories. Check out some of the images of the first, second and third place holders.
The photo subjects range from portraits of animals and people to landscapes, with the first place photo depicting a close-up shot of a horse. The second and third place photos were taken during a Holi festival of colors and a snowstorm, respectively.

For the full gallery you can click on this link where you will find the hundreds of beautiful pictures taken by iPhone.

So what do you think ? Are you ready to submit your pictures next year ? 

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