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Check Out Apple’s September 10th Product Unveilings [Renders]


Check Out Apple’s September 10th Product Unveilings [Renders]

The iPhone rumors are hot on their heels, and it’s good to see images being leaked, renderings being created and predictions being made. The hottest news of the lot was published a few days ago when it was confirmed the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C were going to be unveiled on September 10 by Apple.

A lot of stories are developing around the release date. Just a while ago, we covered the new purported pictures that depict the home button may have a convex shape that’ll allow for the addition of fingerprint sensor technology. The same image also shows that Apple also raises expectations that Apple is going to upgrade the camera and may also add a dual LED flash.

Apart from the leaks, renderings are also making way on the web. Designer Hajek, who’s quite famous of making great renderings for iDevices, has lately made concept renderings based on the specifications and leaks that have surfaced so far for iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPhone 5C. He said:

"I figured…why wait until September 10th to see what Tim Cook will unveil?"

Here's a group of pictures we've spotted, you will like them:

So what do you think guys ?

For more pictures go to the following link

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