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Check Out Apple Airs New "Plastic Perfected" iPhone 5c Ad


Check Out Apple Airs New "Plastic Perfected" iPhone 5c Ad

Apple released iPhone 5c on September 10th, 2013 at its Cupertino Campus Town Hall. The handset since then has been marketed on the web, but Apple today decided to take the marketing effort into its own hands as the company has released a new advertisement for the handset that’s offered in 7 color choices.

The ad is titled ‘plastic perfected’ and there has been a strong focus on the polycarbonate material used on the outer casing the vibrant colors that are on offer. The advertisement is also quite different from the recent running Apple TV ads, because there’s no dialogue or voice over. All you’ll here is some background music.

Here it is:

It looks like the plastic body is the major feature of the device. However, the price of the handset has come under a lot of criticism, as its just $100 less than the flagship device of Apple.

To add salt on the wound, Apple hasn’t reported anything on the preorder of the handset. Does that mean the iPhone 5c isn’t selling well? We did report that the yellow color was sold out so we aren’t really sure.

It is also important to note that shipping delays have been shown for other models of the 5c. It would be intriguing to see if Apple comes out and says anything on the launch day.

How’s the new ad for you? Do you like it?

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