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Check Out Apple Airs New iPhone 5c Ad "Greeting"


Check Out Apple Airs New iPhone 5c Ad "Greeting"

Apple hasn’t been short of multimedia content after the release of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. We informed you that the company released a new commercial for the iPhone 5c, and it recently also posted the entire keynote at the event on YouTube.

Now the latest news is that Apple has posted a commercial to YouTube titled ‘Greetings’. It shows several people in their casual routine using the iPhone 5c. This video is quite different from the one that was released earlier. Rather than having background music and focusing on the plastic body of the device, the new video has the entire focus on the consumers.

Here's the video: 

Apple has also added caption to the video. It says ‘say hello to the iPhone 5c. For those who don’t just love color, but love being colorful’.

The caption pretty much seals the deal, and shows that the vibrant colors are the highlight of the iPhone 5c apart from plastic body and lower price.

However, we’re not sure about the handset’s sales performance. So far, it is only the yellow iPhone 5c that has gone out of stock.

Apple on Friday said that iPhone 5s was facing incredible demand, but hasn’t commented on iPhone 5c’s performance till now.

What do you think of the new video?

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