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Cheaper Galaxy Note 3 coming in November, said to cost 30% less than the original


Cheaper Galaxy Note 3 coming in November, said to cost 30% less than the original

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is going to go on sale later this week in over 140 countries. It’s a phone that’s pretty much unrivaled in the specification department. You’re looking at a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800, 3 GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, massive 5.68 inch 1080p AMOLED panel, 3200 mAh battery, and the list just goes on and on. All that power comes at a cost, literally. The phone is expensive. Really expensive. In Europe, it’s going to start at around $900 to $1,000.

So how do you get the Note 3 into the hands of more people? Easy, you make a cheaper model. Now the rumors about a cheap Note 3 are not new, not in the slightest bit, but last in Korea some fresh information was published that I feel you need to know about.

Let’s start with the price. According to ETNews, this cheap Note 3 will cost 30% less than the original. Samsung originally planned to show it off at their Unpacked Event in Berlin, but at the last minute they changed their mind because they wanted to maintain the “premium image” that the Note 3 exudes.

Next up is specs. The cheap Note 3 will have the same 5.68 inch 1080p screen, but it’ll use LCD instead of AMOLED technology. That and it’ll use a different type of touch sensor that’s placed on top of the display instead of using one that’s built into the display itself. The camera is also said to be downgraded to 8 megapixels.

When will you be able to buy this? Supposedly November, which makes sense when you think about it, because that gives Samsung time to sell as many $1,000 Note 3 units as they can before introducing a cheaper model.


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