Join Me on Modern Warfare 2 Challenge Lobby [Unlock Everything in 30 Sec]

Posted on Sep 28 2010 - 2:26pm by Gurpreen


Challenge lobby’s on Modern Warfare have been hits ever since they hit the PS3.  For all of you that don’t know what a challenge lobby is, Its a game mode where you unlock everything in 30 seconds.

Please leave a comment below with ur PSN ID and I will personally invite you to my modded Playstation MW2 Lobby.

How to Enter:

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Whoever does all three or atleast two will be the first person to get invited!

“I am not responsible for any damage done to your Playstation 3 or Modern Warfare 2 Account”

To see it in action, Check out my YouTube Channel for my challenge lobby videos – Hektiikxsniiper

  • Admin

    This is cool!

    • John

      are you gay?

      • Skillz

        juss chill.

    • jordan

      i have been hacked and well, ive lost everything. it would do me a great favour if u could my psn is : THE__TERMINATORS. thankyou

  • CL


  • Aidan

    psn= dragos_03
    When will the lobby be on?


    plz send me invite lost all my titles invite as soon as possible thx very much

    • OpTiC

      invite me my psn is OpTiCxRiVaL

  • Hey I’m level 52 third prestige and I’ve been trying to get in a challenge lobby since it first came out

  • So please send me an invite

  • MGS54321

    pleas get me in im not to great and this would help

  • BlacK_WolF

    plzzzzz invite me i really want it
    PSN ID : BlacK_WolF_08

  • ArTiic_CaRbONZz

    Caan You invitee Me Please My Score ,Kills,Wins & Stuff Have Been Put Down To Like -420860542780 My Psn is ArTiic_CaRbONzZ Much Apprecated if You Do

  • Get_Mcfukd

    Psn: Get_Mcfukd add me man, been trying to get into one of these for ages , greatly appreciated

  • Dainfamous4222

    Add me please, psn: Dainfamous4222

  • Dainfamous4222

    Again invite please this is very appreciated (:
    We love you man
    Psn: Dainfamous4222

  • AfgKIlla

    i really want this so please invite me and i can give give u gimes in exchange

    PSN= AfgKillaSly

  • KiNG_QuickScoper

    Invite me plz thankz Psn HiGH_BLOOD_PiNOY


    name is SNIPER-JBEANS i have been trying to get this for months please add me

  • John

    omg thanks for the invite

  • Sam

    psn zx_skilzz_xz

    inivte please

  • Skillz

    Hi Guys, if you want me to invite you in do the following:

    Subscribe to my youtube channel:
    Follow me on twitter:
    Like us on facebook:

    Whoever does all three or atleast two will be the first person to get invited!

    • Mayur

      jus followed on twitter and liked on facebook! psn: m4yur_ thanx

  • joe t

    DNA-KILLAJOE thank you very much!!!!! always on cod

  • Huseeb

    Is it free? if its free plizz invite me I have tryed to find a free challenge lobby in straight 10hours cuz a guy said “he will help” but he didnt plizz help my ID is Huseeb94 THANK YOU VERY MUCH IF U DO IT I DONT KNOW HOW TO THNK U THEN….. :'(

  • jack

    (the O is a capital letter NOT the number)
    when you want me to be on

  • William

    My PSN: bl8dstr1k3r5

  • maz g

    add me plz m4yur_

  • willyson99

    invite me user name willyson99

    • inf3cted__bizkit

      add me: inf3cted__bizkit

  • andreus

    add me: willyson99

  • emiel


    psn = E-Mastrs

    inv me when you have 😛

  • Micky

    iiScaTMaN– Or X-ViBeZ_PreDaToR

  • FUNx_LolliLicker

    Just subscibed to your utube channel and liked your facebook page please add me PSN FUNx_LolliLicker

  • TheBigUgly1

    is it still possible to get in on a lobby? My PSN is TheBigUgly1

  • BIG_BRETT_89

    invite me mate BIG_BRETT_89 many thanks

  • haha

    PSN= xxSniperxx-1
    I realy need this

  • Skillz

    Subscribe to HeKTiiKxSNiiPER and Techgreatest I will send you a PSN to ADD

  • iloveu

    i want to join ur CL my psn is willc666

  • Zezimion

    heey can you add me
    psn : zezimion
    i would love to be in one 🙂

  • Please help Me

    I Really wnna get in a challenge lobby!!!!!

    PSN ID: fredsdd

  • thanks dude

    PSN: killerpigy
    thanks man really apreciate it

  • plz get me in a challenge lobby

    psn slylolly thanx

  • CL

    Hey my ID is:Akil_34
    please get me in 1 CL

  • shagohod008

    PSN: shagohod008 thanks in advance.

  • andreus



    hey man please invite Kushirules

  • yo m8 please invite me yo my ps3 name is sebbyboi

  • Skill3D-Y-LuuC4

    Haii 🙂

    i subed to u.

    PSN : Skill3D-Y-LuuC4

    thanks 🙂

  • mw2dude

    plz get me in a challenge loby im 9th prestige and ive been tryin to get im one since the game came out.

  • get me in one plz. i need it and its my birthday.

  • Sean

    Please invite me: Seann94

  • D ward

    HUGE FAVOR MANNN …Can u get me into and verify me in a Challenge //
    PSN: Dward302

  • Nathan

    please add me, i really need this 🙂 my psn is nathan_griffiths

  • Andrew

    please can you get me into a challenge lobby I’ve been wanting 2 get into one 4 so long my online name is MercefulWombat

  • Andrew

    please can you get me into a challenge lobby I’ve been wanting 2 get into one 4 so long & I almost got into one but the host left the match so I lost connection please add me & help me my online name is MercefulWombat

  • plz can u get me into a chalenge lobby psn: xX-H3CT1C-Xx plz invite me

    • tyler

      please if u can get me into one psn xXsolidsnakeXx1

    • quinn


    • xavi

      Please, invite me!!

      My ID: costadamorte

  • marqus

    is this still going on?

    • Yes its still is,

      To enter, make sure you subscribe to all the above links and leave a comment with your PSN.


      • matt

        ADD me please …….. mikmaq-hawks

  • plz get me in : xX-wEezy-

  • A-g

    if its still on add me Arun_red_devil thanks 🙂

  • harryboy

    add me HarryGibbs1 x

  • Highy

    I have done all 3 psn is highy

  • u-r-dead-now_666

    u-r-dead-now_666 add me

  • Amma2468

    Amma2468 add me 🙂

  • yo ad pleez driftfire98

  • johnbell93

    add me johnbell93

  • jglp1212

    plz can u get me into a chalenge lobby psn:jglp1212 plz invite me

  • jackson L.

    add me to plz psn:jglp1212

  • a real member of H3cTiK

  • add H3cTiK_D3VIL

  • Dave

    Can you invite me plz, my psn is: ChocolateThundr_

  • Nedved

    Invite me, my PSN ID is JUVE_Nedved11

  • fkgnauiol

    add mkd_noscoperpleez need it i suck im not good

  • Alex

    ADD me Alex9846

  • zach

    invite plz psn: ultra_assassin07 i get on regurly so invite whenever

  • fergus

    invite xBigBo0ty_FreShx please

  • Zip-lokboy38

    dude i will love you forever if you get me a challenge lobby Zip-lokboy38

  • jeffrey

    ADD me i really want this, my name is DEM_MW2 all caps,

  • Carlos

    MrTakeYourGirl- or Carlosrox2 i really want a challenge lobby

  • christian hermansen

    Hermansen991 😀 add me if you can 🙂

    • ARAM

      hermansen991 add me cepillo_DA KID

      • cepillo

        someone add me and I do chalenge lobby

  • darren

    add me id is darnlamb1 no spaces plz man i suck and my friends laughs at me

  • lochie

    plz add me: CODfreak9

  • Jose


  • SF_MrKiller

    I added to all those links
    My PSN: SF_MrKiller

  • Sander

    Plz really add me: Sandemen

  • Marcus

    can u get me in a challenge lobby please my psn is badboymarcus

  • Juan

    Please invite me my PSN ID is: juanpi_pr

  • Juan

    Please invite me to a challenge lobby, my PSN ID is: juanpi_pr

  • Juan

    ooops sorry i send it 2 times

  • andreas

    invite please psn moller321

  • Austin

    add me im xXScOpeCoBrasXx

  • Vince

    psn acc: GADDABEFLIP808

  • Ryan


  • Niall


    • Niall

      i mean TIR_EOHAIN

  • Harry

    Please invite me to a challenge lobby psn: qUiCkZ-tRiCkZ

  • Tom

    PSN: OriginalTomKat …Please? That is, if you have the time and don’t mind doing this for me. I am very appreciative in advance.



    ayoonae15 tnxxxx


    mine is brandyll16. idk how old this is but i would kill to get into one! thanks!

  • Smalls

    invite me. Small_Tacco

    need one urgently

  • Logan

    please invite savage807



  • catofjelly

  • Ellis mckenna


  • Ellis mckenna

    Can u add me now I’ve subscribed to everything u have asked

  • George Millichamp

    have subscribed!
    add me psn: pantsmill

  • Ellis mckenna

    I have still got no add plzzzzzzzzzz can u add me

  • Ellis mckenna

    Is it still going on ??

  • Luke


    can you add me into your challenge lobby please

  • lance99983 add me to challenge loby plz

    lance99983 add me plz

  • Jack reed

    Add mr CwS__RAPZERS

  • xX-SHARPY14-Xx

    add me please xX-SHARPY14-Xx

  • wes_al

    wes_al pls add me

  • aceituna619

    aceituna619 invite me

  • DoctorPoney

    Plis, give me a CL.
    my PSN is DoctorPoney

  • shane

    my psn is sgt_papasnurf

  • David

    plz add me to one of your challange lobbies psn is cdavid119

  • Travis

    mooseMEAT789 please add me

  • Ahmed Niaz

    Please add me

    My ps3 name is: ahmedniaz50cent

    Please Add me, i would love to be in a challenge lobby

  • Jack

    jayblader add me plz for lobby!

  • Hi my PSN ID is: lukeachu2010


    – Lukeachu 🙂

  • Hi my PSN ID is: lukeachu2010

    Thank You.

    – Lukeachu 🙂

  • yo doug u know me hektiik–desii or driftfire98

  • jerppa666

    Please ad me and give me CL I need it!!

    My ps3 ID : jerppa666

  • Humzaor

    add me
    all capital letters

  • CrazynWaco

    psn:CrazynWaco plz invite me i recently got deranked!!!

  • nathan

    ps3 add-ndps

  • woodpecer

    woodpecer add me please =D

  • mchi

    add me if you please


  • tyreece

    plz add me i want challange lobby so much plzzzzzz
    and i will give you a cheat to change care package so plzz

  • tyreece

    my name is Xxking-haloxX PLZ

  • tyreece


  • brandon massey

    hey i looking for a challange lobby my psn is snipedinthefaced

  • jukkaP

    Hey add me i want to join with you : jukkaPz

  • mcheyda thnx for adding me

  • Scr34mo

    please add me PSN: X3ME-HoPeZ

  • Oops-YourDead

    please add me

    • DurtySancho

      Message me and lets set up another lobby


  • my ass

    mine is manray567

  • mR HardMaN

    do you do this for xbox 360 as i only have xbox.
    message me back please

  • iSkillzZ_Weind

    Is the cl active right now? Please add me?? My PSN: iSkillzZ_Weind

  • dolinski_1990

    add me dude! psn id is dolinski_1990

    • invt me my gamer tag is wordlyhalo 🙂

      • joe penning

        can you invt me to your game on ps3 my gamer tag is gunjoy

  • nicky703

    add me i have jailbroken my ps3 but i do not no what it does my psn is pchetr01 there are no hyphens or any crap like that and if you invite my frend needs 2 get lvled up because some dummy deranked him so can you teach me how to make them and i will owe u one

  • nicky703

    if u theach me to make a challenge lobby would ot make me confused?

  • ryan

    Please send me an invite my gamertag is uncurling solid

  • ryan

    Please send me an invite my gamertag is uncurlingsolid

  • Jake

    Ljc_1997 Can u invite me to ur lobby please

  • invt me wordlyhalo

  • scott

    united-front invite me please

  • ardell10

    ad me plz ardell10 on ps3

  • ardell10

    im doing thiz at skl loool

  • Austin

    Please add me 0o0AUSTINBAK0o0 please I want this bad

  • rockafella records

    Swag_BigotesHD make sure to include the underscore dash thing

  • david

    add me, im begging you, elliott4you2, then invite me!!!

  • Jake51423 .


  • Enjoi-Rain

    Enjoi-Rain PLEASE i need unlock all!

  • andin