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Both FBI And DHS Label Android Primary Malware Target


Both FBI And DHS Label Android Primary Malware Target

If you are an Apple user you must to be happy as your iPhone is one of the most safest smartphones that you can ever use and it can't be hacked or preached using any hacked tools or Malware.. A number of Android security problems pose a threat to law enforcement officers using the Google mobile operating software.
Today and according to an unclassified government report, 44 percent of Android users continue to use older versions of the software, opening themselves to numerous security threats, including malware infestation and malicious text messages.

The report comes from a group of promoting public access to government data, Android is the “primary target” of security attacks, with 79 percent of threats…

Although the document released by Public Intelligence does not mention how many police, security, and other first responders use Android, the U.S. government has opened up to both Android and iOS amid the shrinking presence of federal stalwarts such as BlackBerry and Symbian.

Below we've got a study from the government report showing the most threaten devices that you must avoid... Check out the following picture: 
 From the above picture we can conclude a lot of things: Android is the most dangerous malware threats to mobile operating, Android is 79%, iOS is 0.7%, BlackBerry 0.3%... 

This isn’t the first time the FBI has sounded the warning about Android’s insecurity. In 2012, the agency warned Android users in general, of malware hitting Android phones.

So what do you think guys ? Android users should read such reports, maybe they will change their minds after reading these facts came from government...

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