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Best Android Apps on Google Play

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Best Android Apps on Google Play

Gone are the days when mobile phones were the shape and size of a brick. Today, sleek smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Android applications have become increasingly popular over the years; over a million of them are available on Play store itself! We have picked the top Android apps related to entertainment and travel that everyone must check out:


Netflix with its web series and unique path-breaking content has completely changed the way we see TV today. You can now download the Netflix application on your smartphone or tab and watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere. The new offline mode is a godsend addition that enables you to download the episodes and watch them even without an internet connection. The user-friendly and responsive interface is easy to navigate through. You can also watch the latest movies and streamline live news on Netflix.


Every Android phone has the Google Play music app built into the system. The application though effective lacks specific high-tech features and perks offered by other similar platforms, Spotify being one of them. Spotify is great for music lovers who are looking for new and improved musical platform for streamlining the latest tracks and albums launched during the year. Paying just $10 a month users get access to an ever-expanding library of songs online. You can also use the Spotify to create a predictive playlist based on your mood.


Nothing’s better than spending a lazy afternoon curled up with your favorite book and a hot beverage. Hardbound covers and paperbacks have long been replaced with a much lighter, cheaper and cost-efficient alternative- the e-book. There are loads of applications available on Play store where you can download or purchase ebooks and read them at your leisure. Book lovers all across the world can now get free (or by paying a nominal amount) access to international bestsellers, classics, contemporary fiction, non-fiction and loads of other books via Kindle.

Temple Run

Temple Run happens to be one of the most popular games on Android phones and tablets; it is challenging and fun for all users irrespective of their age, gender or profession. You have to help an adventurer escape the man-eating monsters of a treasure cave (of an ancient temple) without falling or crashing into any of the other obstacles spread throughout the area. The interface looks authentic, robust and very responsive. You are sure going to be hooked on the application, spending hours jumping and running all around the forest collecting powers and golden coins!

Here WeGo

Google maps can only take you so far when you have lost your way in an unknown neighborhood or locality. This in-built application is found on almost every smartphone or Android device today and is a lifesaver for travelers, explorers, and solo tourists. However, for all its benefits, Google Maps can be quite cumbersome and complicated. The location is often not accurate and the GPS not very reliable. Here We Go is a smart choice for users. The simple clutter-free interface comes with a bunch of other integrations such as information from Wikipedia.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti or the Indian version of the royal casino is an online gaming platform that has fast gained popularity among all card lovers. You get all kinds of betting games to choose from. You can either opt for a game of blackjack, play poker, have a card game or merely roll the dice. Casinos are a favorite part and parcel of our everyday life. For many people, gambling is not only an entertaining escape into the world of speculations but also a way to earn some quick money.

Roulette Spinner

Online casinos have become a favorite place connecting millions of gamblers spread across the world and giving them an opportunity to socialize and enjoy a good game together. Roulette Spinner is an Android-based casino app created by casino professionals for casino professionals. Here, you can learn and practice your knowledge on roulette time, place bets and also earn money by trading in 3D chips rendered across a realistic enough roulette interface. The roulette timetables can be maintained on a virtual journal, a much more straightforward and way more efficient alternative to the conventional techniques where you’d have to memorize the tables and picture bets using pen and paper.

Zynga Poker

Poker players love the new and unique android app called Zynga Poker where you can sharpen your gambling skills and compete with several players across the world. The recent update has introduced several changes in the interface- there are better tables, more tournaments, and players that are even more challenging. Also, do not worry, the app is certified to offer a real table experience and is legal. What’s more, users get 60,000 free chips just for downloading the application!




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