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Best 5 Texting Apps

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Best 5 Texting Apps

Now a days everybody uses WhatsApp, viber, skype or Facebook Messenger, but there are some situations when we preferred old texting method SMS. If you want to use any customize application for texting here we have gathered information about some best free android apps for messaging.


Messenger is developed by Google Inc., according to developers you send and receive SMS and MMS to any phone. You can also send group messages as well as pictures, videos and audio messages to your contacts.

Key features:

  • Search through conversation threads to find what you are looking for.
  • You can block annoying SMS sender

Messenger is supported on Android devices running Jelly Bean, and above.




GO SMS Pro has attractive themes, lovely stickers, private box, pop up windows, dual sim support, and much more. App has some advance features but they are paid (Pro features)

Free Features:
– Hundreds of personalized themes and stickers.

– Private box  encrypt messages to protect your privacy.
– Pop up  new messages for instant viewing & replying..
– Dual SIM: app supports 8000+ dual sim devices till date and they are increasing.

Pro Features:
–  Disable all sponsored messages in app.
– Advanced Private Box for renaming entrance and fake notification etc.

-Unlimited message backup space on cloud storage



Intelligent Messaging:

Intelligent Messaging is developed by Intellisense Solutions, according to company their app provide Intelligent messaging services to users free of cost, now what is intelligent in app? App has ability to get full Name, first name or last name of recipient and this name will be automatically added at the beginning of message. It makes ease for users who want to send same message to multiple friend but interested in giving value to each friend by calling them individually with their name, it can help user it many occasions when sending one text to different friends.


  • Automatically adds Recipient Name at the beginning of SMS
  • Add Sender Name (Signature)





Signal Private Messenger:

Signal is named is most secure messaging app in world, they used advanced end to end encryption that encrypts each message not only messages but also attachments. Good thing for developers is that signal is free and open source means anyone can audit application’s code. In most of the cases secured texting apps must be used by both parties to support encryption but signal has ability to work with standard SMS.


Handcent Next SMS:

Handcent, is really good and popular texting apps available on Android, Handcent is a powerful and heavy texting application with lot of features. Some of them include themes, a privacy box much like GO SMS, and plenty more. One of the most interesting features of Handcent is it lets you text on your computer and tablet if you want.

Here are the few messaging apps that we discussed here there are plenty of apps on android playstore that has good reputation now its upto you what you download.

Happy Texting J

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